since 1993

To be an actress

– yes! Why not?

The answer is quite simple.
Which job is so varied than an actor/actress? In my opinion you will not find another job like this. You can be „all in one“ actually you can be all of them, a chef, a manager , a nurse , a priest and also be an evil person as a thief, a killer or a psychopath.
And when you are a person like me who needs a lot of diversification to not get bored and feel useful in life, it`s always best to do what you love to do. Acting is my passion.Since I was 8 years old I knew I would love to be an actress. It is my „dream job“ when I said this to my friends they told me it`s exactly as the word goes dreamjob , you can just dream ..you have to learn a normal modest job.But I said „no“ guys you are wrong I look at this career with diffrent perspective than you. Dreams are here to put into effect.“ Don`t dream your life,live your dream.“ This is exactly how I feel!
With my passion I would love that people in the world love and appreciate what I do and to inspire them so much with my compassion for every single part/role I play. It would be wonderful when I could have the chance to say something to the world, to influence in a positive way,and to change with a good speech and words of advice and wisdom when people listen to me.
Becoming an actress is not only my way to live my dream but also to influence people in everyday life. Getting in peoples homes through tv shows,films,interviews etc , it is a step forward about my ideas and ideals in life.
When I was 5 years old I was inspired by my grandparents. They built their own charity to help the people in the world .They made it their goal to make a different in this world .Since 2008 they have now their own Foundation „Amor Vida y Futuro“ During this time and until now they also have already a second one for animals . boths are in the Dom. Republic. They said „ we have a good life so we wish and help the poor people in the world to make their life better .“ I think exactly the same and they are an example for me. So perhaps you can now see a bit more clear what I want to reach with all of this and my goals in my future life.
And for sure I have a few famous actors and actresses they are a big example and inspirations on how they act and catch my emotions when I watch their films / movies. So in a way it is also a same step to what they did – what I also can do now. To practice how you can catch the emotions of the people.I caught myself many times when other actors and actress catch my emotions! It was amazing . Then I always say that there movies who bring a feeling of happiness / laughter or can make you cry , there movies will always be in your memory and stay in your mind.you will remember those that catch you most. I guess you would also like to see them again and more often than just once.And in my opinion this person who play so perfect , you also remember when they already died.
People who do something extraordinary well , we will remember for a long time.like a legend. For example Merilyn Monroe & Michael Jackson. We still talk about them and watch their movies/ listen to their songs , so they are still on Earth in a way. It would be nice if the people also will not forget about me when I am not on this planet anymore.
In that case I am looking forward to study as an actress.
Let me live my dream!